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Borrower Services

Borrowers Services

Parker Mortgage provides funding to borrowers on most types of property, from large office buildings, industrial parks and agricultural holdings. Unlike the box checkers at the bank, we have the flexibility to consider each request on its individual merits.

Our lender clients recognize that underwriting (the verification and basic decision making process) involves a matrix of objective and subjective inputs. For example: the financial weakness of a borrower may be well compensated for by his building having strong tenants with long term leases. A "unique" property can be a good thing, as in a quarry that is the only source of aggregate in its market area. Each property type has its own set of factors to consider. In the end, it comes down to a balance of the "three Cs" of lending: collateral, capacity and character.

By representing private lenders, in low loan-to-value transactions, we have a high degree of flexibility during the term of your loan. These case studies are a few examples of why Parker Mortgage has a very high number of repeat customers.

personalized service

Case 1

The clients, a married couple, owned and operated their business together. The husband suffered a stroke, resulting in less productivity and considerable added expenses to their business. Our lender waived their home loan payments for six months, adding the accrued interest to principle.

Case 2

The client borrowed $900,000 on his cattle ranch with several parcels and no release clause. Two years into the loan, his neighbor offered to buy a small parcel for $200,000. Our lender agreed to release the parcel, for no consideration within two days.

Case 3

The client borrowed $500,000 against his office building and paid the loan down by approximately $40,000 over the first three years. Unexpectedly, he lost a tenant and needed $35,000 for renovation and commissions. Within three days, our lender cut a check to reconstitute the loan back to its original balance.

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